In the Shadow of the Colossus

Session #34

You're Piston Me Off

Characters: Leobin Moonshadow, Mysterious Halfling Woman, Graveltooth

After seeing two of their compatriots fall into the green-glowing void below, the remaining party members moved upward with renewed determination. Moving up the cliff face, they came upon a crack large enough to crawl through; after brief deliberations, they resolved to ignore it and move further up the cliff face. However, the instability of the cliff caused the face to collapse inward, throwing the party into an inner room containing the undead elf creature from the cliff face and a Minotaur. The room contained a devious trap; the room operated in the manner of pistons, meaning that at any given time, half of the room was slammed against the ceiling, giving an additional challenge to the party. In spite of the help of some suicidal bats which kept jumping in front of the heroes weapons whenever they were to land a damaging hit, the heroes eventually triumphed. Exiting through a door in the far side, the heroes found a set of stairs leading up toward the top of the cliff. The stairs echoed with the cries of bats; However, the heroes decided to run up the stairs with Graveltooth upon Leobin’s shoulders while yelling and (I think?) waving a flaming sword, thus avoiding any bat entanglements. And so the heroes ascended towards Lord Varen and the final gate…



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