In the wake of one short-lived yet brutal war against the Republic of Tarascon, a new impending war threatens to tear the vulnerable bastion of civilization apart. Retaliating against pirates and privateers from the Khaliphate, the Senate has placed a trade embargo on all Colossus products, seriously damaging the economy of the halfling nation. While the Senate, the Navy, and the landowners in Musei stand resolute behind this action, a rising class of merchants is not so satisfied with the embargo. Veiled attacks set the stage for a civil war that may well be unavoidable.

In these troubled times, five returning heroes enter the political scene as new landowners and nobles. These heroes are honoured for their part in ending the Legion War, but their true accomplishments, and the fate of the world that was nearly averted, go unknown to the masses. Which side in this civil war will the heroes take, and will it be enough to break the stalemate that may sunder the stability afforded by the wealthiest nation in the world? Will the heroes be able to stop a force, amassing power in the dark recesses of reality, that threatens not only their homes, but a myriad of other worlds as well?

Read These Things!

Paragon Points

Special Assignments

This is where I’ll post some extra-curricular stuff you guys can work on if you want. Every completed assignment gets Paragon Points, as well as more sessions centered around your character.

  1. Make up two people from your character’s past, or from the last year spent in the Republic: one ally, friend or colleague; one enemy, nemesis, rival, or bully. Make a brief writeup about them on your character page, describing your history with them.
  2. Think of a “bucket list” of things that you’d like to do. One should be a list of things your character wants to do, a goal to aim for, or a cool scene to star in. The other should be a list of things that you personally want to do. These could be different games, characters, genres, or things within this particular game.

State of Affairs

As a reward for saving the Republic and possibly this world, you are each gifted with a plot of land 10 miles on a side. Your lands are all adjacent, located near the forest north of Musei. Your new status as landowners in the Republic affords your some new privileges:

  • Collect rent from those living on your land
  • Collect revenue from any services you own, materials you harvest, or any industry on your land
  • A vote on who can sit on the “wild” seats on the Senate
  • Eligibility for “wild” Senate seats

In addition, you will be given a small advance on funds in order to construct a manor, mansion, castle, or some form of home on your new land. The campaign will resume 1 year prior to the last session, which we will go over in the first session. This will be the time to explain your paragon path, your new property, and just how things have gone.

For real this time, keep an eye on the Clues page. This is where I will post the goings on in the Republic and abroad. Each entry will be a hook, a clue, to something else happening in the world. These entries may be your only clues to hidden machinations being worked on by your enemies, and may be your only way to stop them. Many sessions will be directed entirely by your actions and decisions, and these entries will be valuable information to guide you.



After the brief hiatus in Gamma World DMed by John, we’ll be returning to the campaign next week. The first session will be finishing up Gamma World, then a discussion of what has transpired, where the current state of affairs sits, and setting up the rest of the campaign. Bring your sheets, prepare to level, and start thinking about your new mansion.


The Heroic Tier is complete, and we will be on hiatus for a month or so while I plan out the next campaign arc. In the meantime, level up to 11, including a paragon path. You should be able to explain in game how you achieved that path. Also, consider what you will do with your new title and land-holdings. The next game will take place 1 year in the future from the current time.


We’re nearing the end! Start thinking about a paragon path, and what you’ll do with your land and lordship (should you survive the final Gate).


There are new rumours and excerpts from the book that may (read: will) come in handy later on.


We are back in action! We have officially begun Chapter 4 of this campaign, the final chapter of the heroic tier. After the next session you guys will hit level 10, and then I’m expecting maybe another 5 sessions before we are done!

Check out how I thought things would go. You guys have actually kept pretty close to the general outline, with a few major exceptions.

As we near the end of this campaign, I’m getting hungry for feedback on how you guys thought things are going. If you want me to continue DMing for you guys, whether with these characters and this plotline or not, I’ll need some input from you so I can try to make the game better and better. You can send me a message on Facebook, on here, or comment at the session, whichever you’re more comfortable with. If you’re feeling CRAZY introspective, you can go over the Adventure Log and leave comments on some standout moments is past sessions.


Alright, so we’ll likely be on break after this week, until JANUARY 4TH or 5TH. In the meantime, you’ll want to check out the excerpts from the two books that Father Euclice gave you. They will give you clues as to what’s been happening, and what to do next.
Tales of Heroism and Grand Adventure: Volume II
The First War: A History of the Primordials and Deicide

ALSO! Check out how I thought things would go, up to Session #10. I’ll keep updating that when I can.


Awesome log updates Ryan; don’t miss the new character introduced in the logs.
Also, you may have checked the book given to you by Father Euclice and found some interesting passages.

You’ve officially found 2 of the 4 visions you witnessed that fateful day on the Cormor River. The third gate is within reach.


Good session gang. I’m glad we’re back into the swing of things. It’s looking like November and December should be some solid game time.
You’ve gained a level, so come prepared for the next session; level 9! You may want to start considering a paragon path, assuming everyone still wants to continue on once the heroic arc is over.
On another note, I’ve started keeping an in-game calendar over on Google Calendar. This will help us keep track of the days/weeks in game, as well as the seasons, etc. Each session will be marked on the calendar, showing over which days they occurred. If you’re interested in following this, let me know and I can send you a link to it so you can check it out.


We are past a potential halfway mark on this campaign. If you guys wanted, we could wrap this up pretty nicely after the last gate, and move on to other things. Alternatively we can keep going into the next tier of play with the current characters/campaign. So far it seems like you’re keen to keep going? I have ideas for both of these possibilities.
Also, don’t miss the new acquaintances.


A new restaurant in Farport opens up: Mimefield! Also, very good logs for session 19 and 20; good job John.
You’ve met some new people, heard about some foul villians. Keep an eye on the character list; I add the new people you meet or here about all the time. Also, there are new rumours occasionally.


In the aftermath of killing Shiro and the redeath of the misunderstood Kyle, you guys picked up some loot, and some amazing treasure. Check it out. Also, don’t forget that the compass was activated near Shiro.


The most recent adventure logs are looking a little bare… How will Kato ever know what happened if he ever returns?
EDIT: Good job Ryan.


And we’re back, at least for the month of August. Ryan and I may be gone in September, so we may have to take another break. At the very least we can get a few more sessions in, which is good news.

The campaign has been running for awhile now, and the break may have given you some time to think or whatever. I’m interested in any of you thoughts/comments/opinions about how things are running so far. Things you like, things you don’t, things you wish were happening or not happening. If you have something to say, leave some comments on the comments page, or facebook or whatever.


The campaign is officially on hiatus. It looks like this will last 1-3 months, depending on how many trips into the field I need to take. Since we missed the closing session, I’ve put a little summary in the adventure log.


So for the summer, it sounds like we’ll try to find another person just for the summer, with John DMing in the meantime.
The concern is trying to drop any additional players after summer is over, since we’ll have too many people. I do have an idea for a campaign with a large group. The idea is tentatively called Beyond the Pale, so give it a look at let me know what you think.
Given the choice, I’d rather stick with the current campaign and the current group. However, this is an option.


Looks like we’ll be taking a hiatus over the summer. With me being gone for around 2 months, I don’t think it’ll be worthwhile to keep playing. I would encourage you guys to start another short game in the interim, and we’ll get back to this in September or so.

June 5th will be a short session to get to a decent stopping point, then preparing for a summer campaign.


RE: not knowing who updated the adventure log.
If you’re the one updating the log, just remember that you don’t have to do it from a purely objective perspective. If you’re feeling a little adventurous, why not update from your character’s point of view? How did he feel about the events of the session? What does he remember or feel was important? Don’t be afraid to make it in-character or with a little flair. Also, even if you weren’t at the session, you can still write a log. What was Kato doing for those 5-6 days all alone in Novara? Just what happened to Bong Tao that day he stayed back in the inn? No one will know unless you write something up.
All of this is just extra fun of course.

So you spent some time in the Enlightened Library of Musei, where you researched such things as the hero Galidor, Ishaarl, and Akademgorodok. You can find links to those on the Legends page.

MAY 3rd

Level 7! Next week, come already leveled up so we can get right to it. Also, the Farport, Musei, and Novara pages have been updated. Also, HEY! I put a better description of the vision you all had here!


Looks like April might be a little light due to field work and exams, but you can still check out the wiki! I’ll be updating from time to time.
If you want to make a ‘wish list’ of sorts for any magic items you think might be nice to have, throw that on your character page. No guarantees you’ll get it immediately, or ever, but who knows. Alternatively, if you like something you have now, and would maybe like to see it level up with you, make a note of that too. Maybe that piece of armor just happens to be a legendary artifact, hmmm?

Also, if you missed a session, that doesn’t mean you can’t update an adventure log! What was your character doing while the others were adventuring? Feel free to write that up in the log as well.


So the forum is only for people that pay dollarmonies, so instead we’ll just hash out the Farport discussion here.


Estavan’s Journal is being deciphered by Kato! Check it out. Also, you may have heard some crazy rumours while out on the town.


Level 6! Come ready to go for level 6 for next session.

Sign up for the wiki, bonus Wealth Token. Maybe you want to sum up the last session in the adventure log? Bonus Wealth Token. Also, check out new characters and items as they are discovered.


  1. First things first, check out the map; you’ll find it in the map tab. It’s powered by Google Maps, so that’s sweet. Scroll around, place markers, heck yes. Also, I coloured that beast.
  2. Hey, do you like gold? Do you like it so much that you typically have a huge amount of it hidden away in your pocket? Do you sometimes find that you never actually SPEND that gold? Sure, you’ve got 5694 gold in your ‘backpack’, but what are you going to spend that on?
    If this sounds like you, then Wealth (or Attunement) Tokens are for you! Head to the Metagame section to take a look. Don’t worry though, you’ll still be finding enough gold in the pockets of dead goblins to pad your bags of holding!
  3. Are any of you guys interested in having a cursed item? I’m not sure if/how I’d implement it, but basically we’re talking about a hella powerful item with a trade-off, rather than the oldschool ‘cursed item’ that just turns you into a girl or shoots you in the face when you try to do things.
    If you’re interested in the possibilities, let me know.


If you add your current gear to your character tabs, I’ll be able to keep track of what you have and what better stuff I can use to replace it. Just the name, level, and the source if you’re feeling generous. Also, let me know if you’re particularly attached to any item, so maybe we consider leveling it up rather than replacing it. Feel free to make crap up about how legendary your gear is.

In the Shadow of the Colossus

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