The Sea Lords

The Sea Lords are a very controversial group of 6 “barons”. Merchant kings, adventurers, explorers, pirates, consummate sailors, heroes, villains; these are some of the names the Sea Lords are called. Each Lord is the defacto ruler of a particular swath of sea and islands. Pirates, sailors, merchants and anyone else who wants to ply their seas must deal with the Sea Lords. Many sailors, in particular those without fealty elsewhere, serve the Lords.

These vagabond royalty are technically outside the law of the four nations. Most of their trade is above-board, but various acts of piracy and robbery that happen across the sea are attributed to one or more of them. Some of these accusations are true, others have just missed the mark. They have a tenuous relationship with the nations, often seen as villains and scoundrels.

Because of their large naval fleets and the power that affords them, as well as their loyalty only to coin, they have constantly shifting allegiances with any of the four nations. Their aid can be bought, and has often been necessary or turned the tide of battle.

The Lords

Thracius Domitius – Dragonborn male
Lucrecius Nero – Dragonborn female
El’Azar Benaiah – Halfling male
Carmine Tadeo – Shifter male
Vlassis – Half-orc male
Mayu Haruka – Gnome female

The Sea Lords

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