The Republic of Tarascon

The Republic of Tarascon is located on the northern coast of the Southern Continent. The Republic of Tarascon is one of the two major powers in the known world, along with the Draconian Empire. Founded 150 years ago by the Crimson Elite when they captured the Colossus, it quickly rose to prominence based on the ideals of an ever expanding populace. The capital city is Musei, built on the cliffs facing the sea. The city was constructed around the Colossus, around the deep ravine where it is imprisoned.

The Colossus

In centuries past, a great beast of legend ravaged the land. This immortal beast, capable of quickly regenerating any wounds, woke from slumber every 100 hundred years to feed, destroying all in its path. The last time it awoke, nearly 150 years ago, the legendary band of heroes, the Crimson Elite lured it into a deep canyon. Using powerful magic, they trapped it there. The Colossus remains there to this day, impaled upon a number of Immovable Rods, that even its mighty strength cannot move, chained to the rock walls of the canyon.
The Colossus forms the basis for the economy, and the way of life for the people of the Republic of Tarascon. The flesh and blood is harvested for food, the bones are taken for use as weapons and art. The beast quickly regenerates from these wounds, providing a limitless supply.


The Republic of Tarascon only loosely governs nearby towns and villages. Many of the noble Families that form the Republic also rule the smaller towns, and they do so largely autonomously. Only larger concerns, such as taxation, economic prices, and military matters are really controlled by the Republic.


Half-orcs and shifters make up the majority of the populous of the Republic. The people of the Republic are often fierce and head strong, owing to their rough ancestry. Family bonds are paramount. See below for some common facts and societal trends.

  • Land is the key to power and influence in the republic, own land to become a Family
  • The finest preparation of the meat of the Colossus is saved for the powerful
  • The Gods, Nature, and the Honoured Ancestors are one; honour nature, the gods and your ancestors
  • Pack (clan) ties are paramount, but can be changed for new surrogate clans (similar to guilds)
  • Serious crimes are punished with forced work as Harvesters, those that collect from the Colossus
  • Food is plentiful; power of the republic is gained through expansion; large families are honourable
  • Physical and military strength leads to power; strength and service in the military is honourable
  • Green and blue clothing is reserved for the Holy Mothers of the Sacellum, for their bond with Nature
  • Families are lead by a patriarch, who must always be respected
  • If of equal skill, women are equal in standing to men, except for the position of patriarch
  • The Keepers of the Colossus are above laws, for their task keeps the republic alive
  • There is a Family called the Lupir, who act as guards for the other Families. Once bonded with a Family, a member’s loyalty is strongest to the new Family


The people of the Republic are generally quite spiritual. They worship various aspects of Nature, of which their ancestors are seen to become a part of. The Sacellum is the core organization of this belief, performing services and sacrifices in the name of the Honoured Ancestors.
Common aspects to worship include the Moon, the Sun, and the Sea. Being a coastal nation, worship of the Sun and Sea are common. Many sacrifices and honours are given to the Moon, primarily by the shifters of the Republic.

The Republic of Tarascon

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