Paragon Points

When the going gets tough, when the chips are down and it’s for truly heroic deeds, call on Paragon Points for that extra boost. Paragon Points are an acquired currency that allows your character to gain special abilities outside the norm. Some of these powers are temporary and relatively minor, while others last longer and are more powerful.
You can gain Points by contributing to the wiki, completing Special Assignments, or adding to the lore in a variety of other ways. They may also come as rewards for particularly creative roleplaying.

Point Tally

Character Total Points Earned Point Burned Total Points
Bong Tao 1 0 1
Leobin Moonshadow 1 0 1
Mysterious Halfling Woman 1 0 1
Wilsmith 1 0 1

Acquiring Points

Here are some rough guidelines I’ll be following for rewarding Paragon Points:

1 Point
Basic update of an adventure log
Outstanding and creative roleplaying in game
Contribution to the lore, or coming up with some ideas on your own
Satisfactory completion of a Special Assignment

2+ Points
Nice update of an adventure log (in character, follows some kind of narrative style, etc)
Outstanding completion of a Special Assignment

Obviously there may be other ways to get points, but the gist of it is this; if you add something to the game outside of just playing it, you get points.

Spending Points

There are two ways to spend Paragon Points. You can use them on Round Abilities, or Encounter Abilities. Spending points is a Minor Action unless otherwise noted.

Round Abilities can be used once/round, and cost 1 Point to activate. Points used in this way are recovered at the start of the next gaming session. You can double to effectiveness by increasing the cost to 3 Points. By increasing the cost to 2 Points you can spend a point to apply the bonus to a roll you already made with an Immediate Interrupt.

Encounter Abilities can be used once/encounter and cost 2 Point to activate. Points used in this way are recovered at the start of the next gaming session. Activating Encounter Abilities is a Free Action. To activate more than one ability in an encounter, you must “burn” an additional point which can never be recovered. For example, the second Encounter ability uses 2 Points, burning 1. The third used 2 and burns 2, etc. Only one can be activated per round.

The Powers

Round Abilities

Abilities Benefit Cost
Offensive Prowess +1 atk/dmg 1
Defensive Prowess +1 defenses 1
Skill Acumen +2 to any skill check 1
Hardiness +2 to death saving throw 1

Encounter Abilities

Abilities Benefit Cost
Good Fortune Reroll one attack roll before you know the outcome 2
Lucky Hit Reroll one damage die 2
Defensive Fortune Reroll a Saving Throw 2
Lucky Skill Reroll any skill check 2
Resilient Stabilize from dying 2
Swift Footed Increase speed by 1 until end of encounter 2

Paragon Points

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