A small city on the confluence of the Cormor and the Barletta Rivers. Built on the delta formed by these two rivers, Novara is based on an economy of gold processing, lumber milling, and farming.

The City

Novara is a working man’s city, not a city of culture like its neighbour, the shining city of Musei. There is always work to be found here, whether it be logging timber, or mining gold up the Barletta River or milling and processing those same materials in the vast factories that make up the largest area of Novara. Any able bodied man could spend his lifetime in the immense shipyards off the coast of this city, constructing some of the finest ships in the entire Republic.
Jack fletcher logs float down river to be made into paper
– A common sight on the Barletta River

However, an active underworld exists in Novara, teeming just beneath the surface. There are many hardy individuals working in this city looking for a way to spend their hard earned silver, and a way to relax after driving logs downriver, or constructing a ships hull. And in a young city without much culture, the people turn to gambling to occupy their time. Every inn, tavern, or flophouse could be considered a dice-hall in any other city, with gaming going on around the clock. Horse racing is quite popular here as well, where the flat delta region surrounding Novara is an ideal setting for a race track.


Several people have become famous (or infamous) for their exploits in Novara, typically in gambling.

  • Alvise – One of the wealthiest men that actually lives in Novara, Alvise is a consummate gambler. His wealth is gained from gambling, and running the finest race track in the region, and not from more respectable means, such as land ownership, farming, trade, etc. Most nobles that own farms, processing plants, or stakes in the shipyard, don’t actually live in Novara.
  • Gaspar – The most infamous bookie in Novara. All the big bets, be it horse races or boxing matches, go through Gaspar. He is the biggest underworld presence in Novara; to cross him is ill-advised.
  • Illiana – Owner of a lumber mill, as well as several farms and inns around Novara.
  • Lucio Gino – Although residing in Musei, and not really owning much land in Novara, Lucio is nonetheless a significant figure around the industrial city. His annual Cormor River Gambling Tournament is the talk of the town, selling out every year.

Cormor river
-The Cormor River


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