The capital city of the The Republic of Tarascon. Famous for holding the mighty Colossus, this is a very wealthy city built on the back of an immortal, regenerating beast of titanic proportions.


Musei is built on the coastline, cut into a series of sheer cliffs. The city is terraced, extending from the sea up to the top of the cliffs. The buildings on the upper terraces are afforded quite a view overlooking the entire city and the sea.

The southern edge of the city is bordered by a large canyon. Inside this canyon, the mighty Colossus lay, impaled and subjugated. The Fortress of the Keepers is built on the edge of this canyon, and a network of tunnels leads into the canyon walls to access the Colossus for Harvesting.

Trade and Economy

Musei has one of the biggest ports in the world, comparable only to the famous moving docks of Farport. The port is a hub of trade due to the endless source of wealth, the Colossus. Fishermen, gnomish merchants, even some sailors bringing the works of Draconian craftsman all stop here to sell their wares.
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There are two main markets in Musei; the Port Bazaar, and the High Top Trading Centre. At the Port Bazaar one can purchase any of the myriad of items coming in off the ships. In addition, locals have many staple items for sale, such as grains, Blood Ale, etc.
The High Top Trading Centre is located near the upper gates of the city, close to Blood Canyon. Here one can find the products of the Colossus suitable for the citizens, such as jerky, fermented Blood Ale, leathers, sinew, bone, and fabrics. Traders and craftsmen from inland bring their wares here to sell, such as rice, cheese and other goat products, timber, and some metals. The tradesmen of Musei also peddle their items here, like clothing and weapons.

The People

Musei is filled mostly with shifters and half-orcs, although gnomes and dragonborn are not rare in the metropolitan city. Shifters and half-orcs form “Families” which act as political powers. These may be literal, genetic families, or may be similar to the Guilds of Farport, where members all share an occupation or some other uniting characteristic. Members of Families are led by a “Patriarch”, and are typically extremely loyal to their own Family. One can change Families, typically leaving the Family of the parents for the Family of their chosen career.

There is significant vying for political power amongst the Families. …

Musei is a very wealthy city, owing to the endless supply of food and materials from the Colossus. Even the poorest people are not starving, because the cheapest preparations of Colossus meat (jerky) is worth next to nothing. Typically, the more powerful Families will buy large quantities of jerky and hand it out in the poorer districts. There is always a meal to be had in Musei, although the jerky is barely palatable, and it doesn’t take long for one to tire of this dry, tough meat.


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