Here we’ll make notes of any out of game info, including any open questions you can answer, gameplay experiments, or house-rules.


  1. Think of two or three things you’d like to see in the campaign. These could be types of fights, locations to fight in, roleplaying situations (negotiations, interrogation, whatever) or types of gameplay.
  2. Think of a secret about your character that none of the other characters know. Send me a message and I’ll try to work it in. The secret could be something small, or it could be something that creates conflict or TENSION in the party (hopefully FUN conflict). There are already some secrets out there.


  1. Beyond the Pale
  2. Attunement Tokens
    These abstract tokens represent wealth, luck, fame, divine favour, or attunement to the spirits of nature. You can spend them to increase the power of magic items, buff your abilities, or make big purchases in the world. You get them by doing adventurous feats, rescuing innocents, and becoming famous. You will ALSO get Attunement Tokens for filling out the Adventure Log, making a Bio, or any other contributions to the overall campaign.

Here’s how they work:
10 tokens = one magic item of level (+ /-1)
2 tokens = one ritual of level (+ /-1)
1/2 token = one consumable item of level (+/-1) (50% chance you have to pay)

If lvl+2 to 3, double the price
If lvl-(2 to 3), half the price
Never lower than 1/2 token
Can’t buy higher than lvl+3

For non-items:
Useful for 5 levels = 10 tokens
Useful greater than 5-10 = 20 tokens (maybe interpolate between?) Consider Chekhovs Guns
Useful once = 2 or fewer tokens

Purchases with Attunement tokens must have an adequate roleplay or in-game explanation. No finding awesome swords under some leaves or something. Maybe your deity gives you new powers, or your legendary weapon gains some new powers when you kill a dragon or do something cool. Reflavouring of items and rituals is encouraged. Even casting times of rituals is negotiable.

An example or two:
10 tokens, (+1 magic longsword to a +2 magic longsword)
As you land the final blow, beheading Krull the werewolf pack leader and saving the innocent villagers, you feel a powerful magic flow through your body and into your sword

1 token, lvl 7 Alchemist’s Fire (lvl +2 consumable)
You call down sacred flames from the heavens, beseeching your Gods to purge the earth of these undead abominations. As your spell singes the decayed flesh of the vampire, more divine flames explode around it, destroying the hulking zombies nearby.

  1. Action points: Extra action points will be rewarded for good roleplay or interesting combat. Anything that makes an encounter more enjoyable or all around awesome (without eating up too much time) earns an action point.
  2. FYIA tokens: A new thing I’d like to test out. You each get one FYIA (Fuck You, I’m Awesome) token a session. You can trade the token in before you roll a d20 to make the roll a 20. Or, if you’ve already rolled, you can spend the token to turn a failure into a 20, and a success into a automatic critical. Uses of the FYIA token must be roleplayed; WHY are you so awesome?


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