My Lord, no word has been heard from Macra. After we heard about the disappearances, I sent ravens, but none have returned.

- Hector

Boss, things are getting rough out here, yah? Marus and his crew have been pushing us hard, but there’s something else. The Keepers have been coming down extra hard on traffic, yah? Special guards, busting up our deals and houses. We need to talk, yah?

- Horatio

My Lady Elletra has invited you to the 153rd Annual Naval Ball. This commemorates the strength and successes of the Republic Navy, and honours those we have lost. My Lady would be greatly honoured if you would attend as her guests.

- Rolert Fillicio, Esq. In the service of Lady Elletra Colletora (added June 6th)

I just got back from an excursion. Treaties with The Sea Lords is what we’ve come to. Admiral Faust seems to want these pirates on his side in this.

- Niccolo, Republic Navy (added June 6th)

Musei is getting more and more unstable. Riots have broken out, gang fights, you name it. Word is that the revolutionaries, the merchants, the New Bloods are trying to get some change in the Senate. Of course, for the normal people, the level of discourse is much less… refined. They want a change, even if it takes a little blood to get it.

- Danilo

There have been disappearances in the mountains. People from many small towns have gone missing.

- Alain, elven ranger


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