Campaign Ideas

So the current campaign could run until the end of the year, maybe ending sooner. I’m more than happy to continue along the current plot line, and I do have ideas to do so. I’ve got a few ideas of where things could go after you deal with the last gate. I’d like some input on which route you might prefer, or if you’d like something else entirely.
I also have ideas for a new campaign if thats what you’d all prefer. That’s the second list below.
Basically, I’m just looking for input on what you guys want, in an effort to make the best game we can get. Let me know.

Continuing with the same party

  1. Plane-hopping adventures, adventures into brand new worlds and new threats to the world and to brand new worlds
  2. Political intrigue in Musei, likely to include some civil war, rebellion, and traitors.
  3. War! Lead armies, run secret missions behind enemy lines all in the name of the Republic
  4. Maybe dungeon crawling through the underdark?

New campaigns entirely

  1. Dragons and kobolds: set in the Draconian Empire (mentioned briefly in current campaign, so same setting), most of the party is either dragonborn or kobold, and everyone works for the Church of Bahamut
  2. Something set in Dark Sun. Low level, themes of desperation and the struggle for survival.
  3. Ebberron: A film noir/mystery type campaign. PCs have in private eye company, solve mysteries, political intrigues, all with fun steampunk/high magic stuff going on.
  4. Something maybe a little shorter and a little weirder in an interesting setting… Islands in the sky, a world made largely of trash rearranged with steampunk themes. Combines elements of Ebberron, a little of Dark Sun, and a lot of zaniness.

Campaign Ideas

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