Beyond the Pale

This is a page to discuss the possible new campaign, tentatively called “Beyond the Pale”, suitable for a group of players of 8-12.

The Elevator Pitch

Beyond the Pale is a player/character driven campaign of exploration, discovery and adventure. A large pool of players form parties with an ever-changing roster to delve deep into mysterious and dangerous lands. The primary motivation is exploration, wealth and increasing power, with no over-arcing plot, though there is a history to be discovered and minor plot-lines and quests to undertake. Each player will likely experience a game completely unique from the games other players experience based on who can show up to which game.

How it Works

  • A large group of at least 8-9 players, max of 12. For each game day (max of 2/week, depending on my schedule), a different subset of this large group will be present (minimum 3, max 5).
  • No regular time or day. When figuring out who can play, you will also figure out the best day to play. The GM needs 1 week to prepare for the session (unless otherwise stated), and reserves the right to veto a day.
  • No over-riding plot. This is no big plot line like in a typical game, no big bad evil guy to defeat, no world in need of saving. There is only a vast wilderness to explore, ancient ruins to be looted. There may be bad guys out there to defeat, people to save, and quests to complete, but none of them are central to the campaign, and any of them can be ignored or followed. Ultimately, YOU decide where you want to go.
  • Players are responsible for planning game sessions. This includes who can attend, when to play, and where you wish to explore. This is meant to compensate for everyone’s varied and busy schedules. Now you probably play when you want, and you won’t hold up the game if you can’t.

How it Plays

You, (The Players) are filled with wanderlust, ready to explore the lost lands to the east that those older and probably wiser tell you is a deathtrap. From your homebase, the Tooth and Nail, you set off to explore the untamed wilderness. When you return, you share stories of your adventures, show off your treasure, expand the map of what you know, and mourn those who didn’t make it home.
Obsidian Portal will represent the Tooth and Nail, the home of your collective knowledge. If you want to tell your story, it can go in the log. You can show off your loot, update the map, or introduce new characters. In Beyond the Pale moreso than other campaigns, the sharing of information is critical to everyone feeling connected. It is strongly recommended you sign up for Obsidian Portal, write what you can, and read everything that gets put up.
The land beyond the Pale is quite dangerous. I won’t be tailoring encounters to you, so if you wander into something terrible, you’ll probably die. It will be difficult to just stumble into something you can’t handle, but the threat is always there.


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Beyond the Pale

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