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  • Lucio Gino

    Lucio was once part of the Gino Family, a middle-range Family in [[Musei]]. He has since become a member of the Mountain Trading Associates ([[MTA]]), and has risen to the head position of the Guild. Lucio also owns a number of farms in the mountains, …

  • Rafa

    Apparently, Rafa is a warlock. He uses his pact with devils to implant infernal spirits in innocent, unknowing people, who can later be turned into ravaging monstrosities for his own use. Rafa has been associated with [[:estavan]] and [[:lucio-gino]]. …

  • Sergeant Krull

    Serjeant in the 51st Legion, some say this hobgoblin is half-devil. Others just say he's a cruel bastard. He is currently in command of the battalion in occupation of [[Novara]].

  • Kyle

    This sad and strange gnome lived in [[Farport]], where he first met the party of adventurers. He owned and operated a restaurant by the name of "Kyle's Place". Due to serving almost exclusively burnt oatmeal with only warm water to drink, the restaurant …

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