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  • Vincenzo Ambrosio

    Vincenzo is the son of Andre Ambrosio, head of the Ambrosio Family. He is bit of a celebrity in [[Musei]], as the son of a major Family and a Captain in the Navy. Vincenzo is a shifter in his mid-20s. He is considered to be a bold and cunning military …

  • Niccolo

    A young warrant officer in the Navy of the Republic of Tarascon, Niccolo has been fast rising in the ranks since he first joined 3 years ago. Most find him friendly, though sometimes arrogant. Some say he can be a bit odd at times. Even still, he is a …

  • Admiral Faust

    An older, experienced navy man. Faust is a sound tactician and a strong sailor. He has little patience for politics and mind games, preferring to get right to the point. He can be blunt at times, but usually maintains an image of simple propriety. …

  • Ersilia Gaetana

    Ersilia lives in [[Musei]] where she runs the prominent Gaetana family. Her husband died two years previously, and no suitable patriarch has been found since. So in defiance to typical Tarascon tradition, Ersilia runs this Family now. The Gaetana …

  • Horace Vascon

    Horace is of an old Family, the Vascon Family. Horace is a heavy set half-orc, loyal to the Republic, patriotic to a fault. He is a staunch supporter of the Navy, and a long time member of the War Council. He isn't much for innovation or imagination in …

  • Adan Vitale

    Adan Vitale is the only member of a merchant Family to sit on the War Council. He also sits on the [[Senate]]. Adan has been victim of many "accidents" in the past, causing him to descend into paranoia. He hired a bodyguard from the Lupir two years ago, …

  • Sergio

    Sergio is a member of the Lupir Family, the guild of bodyguards. Sergio is in service to [[:adan-vitale | Adan Vitale]]. Sergio is a middle aged shifter, whose head is shaved bald and who wears an eyepatch.

  • Elletra Colletora

    Elletra has no ties to the Navy at all, and is of the New Blood class. She has gained significant power in [[Musei]] through wealth alone. She owns and operates a casino where many of the wealthiest go.

  • Cecile Amance

    Cecile lives just outside of Musei. He owns several high profile bakeries in Musei, and fancies himself a connoisseur of fine dining. His businesses and some trade in flour have made him a tidy sum of money.

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