In the Shadow of the Colossus

Session #2
Ice to Meet You

The party heads to the glacier in the mountains to find the base of the raiders. They have heard of a dragon residing in the mountains, and are wary. They take a roundabout path there, passing through another mountain town that was attacked.

Investigating the ruins of the quaint church in the second town, The Equalizer located a basement which showed signs of forced entry. In the basement, the town stock-house, he also found indications of religious rites and rituals, including candles, and chalk markings.

Meanwhile, Kato talked to some of the locals, including Maria, one of the elders of the town and Father Bernard, the head priest of the parish. He learned that the leaders of the town are mostly honest people, but simple, absent minded, and mostly without malice.
Maria informed him of the three victims of the attack: Livo, a goat herder and family man; Rolando, a half-orc travelling merchant, who passes through these towns often, but not much is known of him; and Bertrand, a quiet man who tends the houses and the town food stocks, who has no family.

Wilsmith talked with the wildlife, looking into his sneaking suspicions about the incident. He spent much time with a group of goats, teaching them the ways of people, and charging them with the task of keeping an eye on the town.

The party headed into the mountains, spending a night in the cold. They were passed by unnoticed by kobold scouting party. In the morning they approached the glacier where they suspected the hideout to be. Sneaking ahead, they found 4 kobolds playing dice outside of an ice cave. After offers to gamble failed, battle quickly erupted. The kobolds were put down quickly, although Three-Tooth the Seer may have been forewarned. They captured and questioned the ‘biggest’ kobold, Krik. They learned that the kobolds worship Bahamut, and the Three-Tooth has commanded the attacks on the towns to prevent an evil, to stop something happening. Krik agreed to take them inside, hopefully without the party coming under attack.

Session #1
The Pilot

The party meets in Macra, a small mountain farming town. Bong Tao, Kato Ticklickler, Graveltooth, Wilsmith and an unnamed devout follower of the Raven Queen repelled a kobold attack on the church. After putting out the flames of the burning building, the party questioned the locals to determine the source of these attacks.

Kato asked Fate itself to help him in this investigation, learning that the kobolds and the dragonborn came from the mountains, and are likely hiding out near the glacier where a young dragon resides.

With justice on their minds, the party decided to head into the mountains to investigate. Another town that was attacked recently is on the way, and they decided to stop there to look into it.

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