In the Shadow of the Colossus

Session #12
The Battle At Sea

During the party’s voyage to Farport they encountered a ship which appeared to be wounded and on fire.

Stopping to investigate it appeared to be abandoned until the shifter captain came up from below decks. Bong Tao hid on the wounded ships rigging and observed as the shifter captain spoke with their chartered gnomish captain, Danilo. Meanwhile the rest of the party noticed pirates sneaking aboard their ship. Bong Tao delivered a rude people’s elbow to the pirate captain and kicked him into the fire. A full melee broke out between the party and the pirate crew who consisted of several pirates as well as a pirate riding a pterodactyl and an ogre.

Wilsmith jumped off the ship and used thorn whip to pull a pirate with him and then proceeded to turn into a raven a deliver peoples elbows to the pirate until he was bludgeoned to death.

Upon winning the melee it was discovered that the ogre was wearing Bong Tao’s master’s sash. He also had magical gloves (Master Wen’s Counterattack Gloves).

Session #11
Enter the Dragon
  • relationship between Lucio and Three-Tooth is a “hostile and competitive one” (as told by zombie Lucio)
  • in Musei, the ruined city from the visions is identified as the city of Akademgorodok, the lost flying city of the Gnomes
  • Three-Tooth’s shamanic power is fake; his supposed scrying insight is supplanted by information from Thraesk and a ‘network of spies’ (his words)
  • Three-Tooth/Thraesk seem to be on the level regarding their service to Bahamut & their desire to disrupt the plan to summon Ishaarl
  • Galidor summoned Ishaarl, destroyed in the process. Broken into 3 shards; Thraesk wants the shards to control Ishaarl (who itself is in 4 aspects: one for each element).
  • each set of pillars represent one part of the prison of of Ishaarl (one for each aspect), which Lucio and co. wished to unlock.
  • Thraesk gave us a compass that will ‘help guide us to the shards of Galidor’.
Session #10 - Showdown pt. 2
Wherein a trusted ally is revealed to be a devil

In the aftermath, prophetic images from Hell are seen amongst the ruins: Visions and Prophecies

Session #9

The party finished rigging the horse race by punching the horse in the jaw (so the bit would hurt when it was ridden) and proceeded to the race.

Bong Tao beat the other jockey out the gate and managed to maintain his lead to the end where it was an exciting neck and neck finish. Alvise was rather angry but paid up his ticket like a good sport. The party then went fancy clothes shopping so as to fit in on the boat. Originally Bong Tao was to be the ticket holder until it was observed that Lucio was greating all the guests at the entry to the boat. Realizing that he would recognize Bong Tao, it was decided to put The Equalizer up as the ticket holder and the rest of the party managed to sneak on as porters.

Once on the ship the party spent the three days of up river travel getting the lay of the ship and planning how to catch Lucio alone. Bong Tao attempted to win over the serving staff with magic tricks but came off as awkward and didn’t make any friends.
Wilsmith found a snake and spent his time milking it for its venom.
Graveltooth tried to by drugs but came off as a narc.
The Equalizer got an idea of Lucio’s commings and goings and determined which room he slept in.

The party developed a plan to break into Lucio’s room on the 3rd night after the gambling was over and abduct him. However, before Lucio went to bed he revealed his plan to harvest the souls of everyone onboard. At this time, only the Equalizer was present because the rest of the party was waiting to ambush Lucio in his room. The Equalizer attempted to escape the room where Lucio was harvesting souls and ended up in a fight with several of his guards. Meanwhile, the rest of the party decided to break into the helm of the ship and turn it around in order to drive it back through the glowing towers which Lucio appeared to be using to harvest souls. After dispatching of the captain and his guards, Graveltooth and Wilsmith made an epic doggy pile on top of Lucio by jumping through the glass ceiling onto his head and legs. The party dispatched of several of Lucio’s guards as well as several minor Devils which he summoned. Lucio, sensing defeat, then revealed Bong Tao to be a sleeper agent by turning him into a big ice devil.

Session #8
Bail, Gambling, Gnomes, and Horse Pimpin'

The session started with the party escaping the riot from last session and quickly re-couping on the outskirts of town. Kato summoned his ethereal hand to determine the location of Wilsmith (In prison near the Colossus) and Lucio (In the rich district of town). The party went to the keepers headquarters and after a bit of bluffing managed to post bail for Wilsmith, who was trying to break out of prison at the same time. Fortunately the party managed to post bail before Wilsmith’s jailbreak was fully concieved and he was released without incident.

The party then decided to follow up on the river boat captain. They attempted to buy tickets for the riverboat cruise at the Mountain Trading Association but they were sold out. They then purchased horses and rode to Novara where they decided to try and dupe a rich ticket holder into giving them a ticket. To this end they went to the Golden Spoon tavern where gambling was taking place and arranged a horse race with a rich half-orc with a stunning moustache named Alvise. To fix the race in their favour, Wilsmith transformed into a raven and attempted to bribe the other horse with the promise of oats, races and fillies. The remainder of the party found the half-orc’s gnomish jockey (one Vander Oddbuckle) and got him wicked drunk so he wouldn’t be in good condition to race.

Session #7
In which certain plans are formed and combats occur...

After re-hashing our previous session, Kato, Graveltooth, Wilsmith, Brother Tao, and John decided to ensure that the Lucio of Mountain Traders was in fact the Lucio of various visions. Instead of forming a plan, Brother Tao bribed on set of guards, told a pointless story about a scorpion and a fox, then proceeded to attack both the personal body guards of Lucio as well as the city guards keeping the peace. Invading the private box seats of the well-to-do, the party arrived to reinforce the half-cocked plans of Bong Tao. After a combat in which Graveltooth was double defenestrated, and certain death was narrowly avoided by Wilsmith—who yet again managed to execute some crucial crowd control—Lucio still managed to get away. While John was mopping up the adds and leftover personal guards of Lucio, Kato pursued Lucio only to lose him in the ensuing riots caused by their disturbance. More troubling, an unconscious Wilsmith has disappeared from the room in which he was knocked unconscious…

Will Kato be able to cast his Hand of Fate ritual in time? Will Wilsmith’s capture prevent his party members from intercepting the Cormor river expedition ostensibly led by Lucio? Will the druid’s plans to free the Colossus be derailed by his almost certain capture?

Session #6
Session #5
Awkward Conversations

After the battle in the appartment blocks the party decided to follow up on the key they found on Estevan’s body. After visiting a locksmith they determined that it was to a warehouse in the warehouse district. Moving to the warehouse to investigate the party ran into Rafa (Bong Tao’s father?) exiting from the warehouse in question. Graveltooth and the Equalizer decided to follow Rafa and after extended awkward conversations Rafa attempted to ditch them. Graveltooth assumed the form of the relentless panther and chased him through the market and back to the warehouse by way of an underground tunnel.

Meanwhile the rest of the part had found a secret door in the warehouse which lead to a ritual room where six innocent people were strapped to tables. While Bong Tao stealthily took the high ground, Kato brazenly asserted his presence and started a melee. As Bong, Kato and Wilsmith mopped up the guards and (evil cleric? can’t remember) Graveltooth and the Equalizer (Seriously dude, you need a name) chased Rafa into an adjoining chamber where he pulled out a wand which made the floor glow and threatened to turn the innocents into abominations. The Equalizer stabbed and teleported Rafa out, off a catwalk and proceeded to deliver the people’s elbow (a re-branded move of Bong Tao’s) to Rafa and eventually defeat him.

One sacrifice victim was killed before he could change and the rest were released, with the exception of one victim who Wilsmith, in classic big Willy style, killed in cold blood. The party managed to shut off the glowing floor and subdue Rafa for questioning.

Session #4
Le Parkour

Outline (will expand later):

  • Estevan got shot
  • Chased a shrouded figure across rooftops
  • Ended up in a housing block (of sorts)
  • Shrouded figure disappeared, transfigured residents into big-ass monster things
  • We get beat up but survive, building almost gets knocked down
  • Wilsmith tries to chase shroudy but shroudy is gone
Session #3
In the Dragon's Den

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