In the Shadow of the Colossus

Session #21
Of disguises and subtlety

Characters: Leobin Moonshadow, Graveltooth, Mysterious Halfling Woman

  • Now disguised as Legion soldiers, they attempt to sneak into Novara.
  • Are intercepted and incorporated into a larger squadron of raiders.
  • Pull a “Chewbacca” and disguise the halfling as a prisoner
  • Meet up with Balthazar, a young shifter working as part of the Revolution in Novara
Session #20
Mime Kampf

After assisting Leobin in his quest, the party discovered that the first Shard of Galidor was hidden on one of the slaves. They returned to Farport, picking up Wilsmith’s mime companion on the way. They also found that Kyle had left the deed to his restaurant to the party, assumedly as thanks for helping him avenge the curse left on his restaurant (…or is it just the oatmeal pot that’s cursed?)

In Farport they reconvened with Graveltooth and Bong Tao and debated next actions. While doing so, they renovated the restaurant, gave George the mime the position of head chef, and spent a very long time debating the name of their restaurant/nightclub/smuggling front business.

After a time, they decided to head out to sea in the (rough) direction of the next gateway. They searched through the port and found Danilo, who informed them that the Admiral of the Republic was looking for them. The Admiral sought the help of the party, whose renown had apparently grown substantially since their departure from Musei, in fending off an invasion from the Legion. The city of Novara was under siege, and so the party decided to set sail immediately for the besieged city.

They arrive too late, as the city has fallen. They sailed up the coast until they reach the Republic navy moored offshore; Danilo helped them to land and parted ways with the travelers. The party met with a warrant officer of the Republic and formulated a plan: they would attack one of the many raiding parties that roamed the countryside, steal armor and disguises, enter the city, and kill Krull, the commanding officer of the Legion forces in Navara. They would then signal to the Republic forces waiting offshore, who would attack from the sea, throwing the Legion into disarray in the sudden power vacuum.

The party traveled south, coming upon a small town yet to be attacked by the raiders. They spied an approaching raiding party and set a trap in the town for them; with some clever tactics and owl noises, they successfully decimated the enemy forces.

…except Wilsmith, who might be lying dead in a field somewhere.

Session #19

From the journals of Leobin Moonshadow

My debt to the Raven Queen is paid, my services rendered in Her name. The gnomish Shiro is dead, by the hand of myself and my compatriots. He was dabbling in the practices of necromancy and animating the dead, transfiguring the serenity of their final sleep into a twisted mockery of life itself. We traced him to a lighthouse, abandoned from an earlier age, and it was there that we discovered Shiro’s foul practices firsthand. We fought our way to the depths of the lighthouse and through a murky water passage to a rock quarry. It was there that we confronted the necromancer in battle. Despite his best efforts-including the conjuration of a serpent made entirely of bone and the awakening of many corpses-we were triumphant, as death must always conquer the abberation of undeath. His gnomish countenance melted away in his last breaths to reveal his true visage:a twisted mockery of gnomishness, and a fitting reminder of the toll paid in trying to escape death.

One element in this tale I have left out, and that was our guide Kyle. A failed restauranteur from Farport, he had a vengeful streak directed at Shiro but only vague reasons as to why. It was he that led us to the lighthouse and assisted us in battle, but once Shiro was dead we discovered that Kyle, too, had been in some state of undeath, kept alive by Shiro’s necromantic power. It is a strange position I found myself, having actively been assisted by the undead in my quest to rid the world of an undead evil. I can only soothe this seeming contradiction in spirit by reminding myself that Kyle, himself but a minor player in Shiro’s evil schemes, was granted the peace of eternal rest as a reward for his efforts. The Raven Queen rewards her followers, and Kyle, in his own way, was following her teachings, in his own fashion. His seemingly endless pot of-admittedly burned and odious-oatmeal serves as a reminder of his endless valiance.

The following entry dates two days following from the previous

The Raven Queen came to me in a vision. She informed me that she was pleased with my actions and service; as a token of faith, and in recognition of the service my compatriots carried out in assistance of her ongoing campaign against the undead, she has granted me an aspect of herself, in the form of a spectral raven that I may call upon in times of need. This spectral companion may aid myself and my allies in times of need. I feel imbued with new ability and a renewed faith in the service of the Queen.

Session #18

With the crystals destroyed and the devils scattering, the city began to float again. The Eladrin assured the party that they would be able to handle the straggling devils and urged them to beat a hasty retreat so that they could deal with the other gates of Ishal, which were surely in jeopardy was well. The party learned of an old gnomish flying ship which they suspected would work again now that the font was restored. Crossing the city the party found the ship to be functional and made ready to depart. As they cast off, the chained twin was spotted giving pursuit with a large swarm of flying devils. The heroes went into a steep dive in order to escape from the pursuing devils but were unable to outpace them. During the course of the aerial combat, Bong Tao piloted the ship while Graveltooth, Leobin, and Willsmith fought with the chained twin and the devils. The chained twin was eventually defeated but not before Leobin began the long fall to his death after failing to run along one of the twin’s chains.

The party managed an easy crash landing below the city and took a much needed rest before re-joining with the gnomish research party and making their way back to Farport.
Upon arrival to Farport, Leobin revealed that The Raven Queen was unhappy with his service to date and required him to kill a slaver in the city in order to win his way back into her favour. The group began looking for the slaver while Willsmith bought a mine costume.

Willsmith was eventually herded up to be caged with a large group of mimes but killed the guards and helped the mimes to escape. For his reward he took a mime to be his body double.

The rest of the group eventually found the slaver and began pursuit.

Session #17
The Temple of Light

Exiting the cisterns into a ruined building nearby the temple of light, Bong Tao, the mysterious halfling woman and Leobin began sneaking towards their goal. Enroute, the party was joined by Graveltooth and encountered Amreth who claimed that the Eladrin were ready to make an assult on the devils. The party was suspicious of Amreth but unable to find fault in his story allowed him to join them. Moving closer to the temple, Amreth called for a stop in an exposed intersection and revealed himself to be the winged twin in disguise. During the melee Leobin managed to slay the winged twin before falling unconcious from his own wounds. The chained twin arrived to assist his brother but not in time to prevent his demise.

The battle was halted when, using the power of the font, the gate began constructing a gigantic stone golumn. The party spead to the temple of light and made their way into the altar room containing the font. Waves of spiked hounds began assulting the heroes as they attempted to destroy the crystals which were focusing the font’s energy onto the gate of Ishaarl. The crystals were destroyed just in time as the golumn broke it’s way into the temple in an attempt to kill the heroes. The destroyed golumn collapsed on the temple, destroying it in the process and almost crushing the party as they escaped back to the hall of knowledge.

Session #16
The Cisterns

The party was informed that the devils were entering the hall of knowledge through the basement in the alchemy wards. Moving to investigate the party happened upon the winged twin and several minions collecting alchemist’s fire and acid. A melee ensued wherin the floor became electrocuted. The party dealt the winged twin a grevious wound and dispatched of all his minions before he fled the battle. Following behind, the party destroyed the entry to the basements behind them, in order to prevent further devil incursions.

Moving through the streets towards the temple of light, the party encountered spiked hounds guarding a cistern. Rather than slowing down, the party jumped into the cistern before the hounds could attack. While moving through the subterrainian waterway the party encountered fierce beatles who threatened to block the way. A small melee was fought while the party moved through while not engaging the entire insect host. After jumping off a waterfall, the heroes found themselves in a large chamber under the streets of the city.

Looking Forward
A summary of what has transpired, and a look at what's to come

Our intrepid heroes pick themselves up off the broken tiles of the Hall of Knowledge. A hard-won battle against the hordes of devils under the control of the so-called “Twins” leaves them in control of the main library in the center of ancient gnomish knowledge. Many tapestries adorn the walls, their quality held over these centuries by the magic ever present in this city. They depict a recent history of this great city, from the construction of the great Temple of Light, to the succession of High Priests.
One image is seen in many of these early tapestries; a great beam of white light emanating from the top of the Temple of Light up into the sky, before it spreads out and surrounds the flying city, concentrated on the rock supporting the buildings.
Later tapestries show the construction of two great spires near the Temple of Light. Gnomish priests divert the energy from the Temple into this new structure, this Gateway. Now the Temple supplies energy both to the city and to this Gate.
In the next tapestry, it appears as though the Gateway is consuming all the light coming from the Temple. No more of that great beam of white light surrounds the city. The buildings, the people begin to weaken.
In the final tapestry, the once great city lies in ruins, now laying on the ground instead of flying. A great beam of light from the Temple goes directly to the Gate. Tendrils of yellow light stream out from the Gate, extending out into the city.

“Come take a look at this, take a look at what we’re up against.”

Amreth shows our heroes to the window facing into the Religious Quarter, giving them his brass scope for better viewing. From this high vantage, the Gateway and the Temple of Light is visible over a twisting labyrinth of shattered buildings. Creatures – winged, bloated, covered in spikes, and foul in many other ways – lurk and crawl about the scene.
Gale force winds blow across the seen, bringing a stench most foul to the window. Lightning and electric bolts of energy discharge all throughout the ruined buildings. Whirlwinds send cobblestones and chunks of buildings flying with vicious force.
Between the two spires a bright yellow light shines, and dark figures seem to be passing through as if from no where. At the top of the Temple, visible through the scope only as a silhouette against the luminous beam of energy, are two crystalline shapes, surrounded by more devious figures.
Two figures survey the scene from the air: one seemingly held aloft by living chains, itself bound; the second with a wingspan the size of two men, wielding a truly enormous blade crackling with electricity.

After a moment of silence, Amreth turns to the party.

So, think you can handle that?

Session #15
The Hall of Knowledge

From Graveltooth’s journal:

Following the battle with the spriggans—and that awful plant beast—we planned our approach to Akademgorodok. I still felt woozy after being rendered unconscious, and the loud plumage of the spriggans’ ostrich (now our captive) did not ease the pounding in my head. We determined to stick to the roads, for ease of access to the Gate. Bong Tao and Kato Ticklickler headed back to base camp with a few of the students, who had proved useless during the fight. As we parted ways with our only healer and our deadliest fighter I could not help but feel a growing sense of dread. It turned out to be justified. The lady halfling turned up again, and joined our sojourn into the city. I can’t seem to recall her name as I write this—that’s odd.

As we grew closer to the walls, Wilsmith took the form of a bird and went to scout the situation therein. Myself, Leoben, and the cleric accompanied Dran and the students into the (surprisingly intact) city. Hearing footsteps and scuttling, we made to take cover among the low walls of what looked to be a bazaar. Leobin tripped over his bootlace and was noticed by an eladrin sentry on the roof. At that moment Wilsmith returned, reverting to his half-orc form and tackling the sentry to the ground. From this we assumed that Wilsmith’s scouting had revealed that the eladrin were our enemies. This was a mistake.

We dispatched two of the three sentries and their badass teleporting spider (note to self: get one of those, when we’ve closed the Gate), and questioned the last one. His name was Aofel. He revealed that in fact our purposes were aligned: he belongs to a group that call themselves the Keepers of the Gate. They have been in that place since the Gate was constructed, keeping the Gate closed and safe.

Some weeks previously, however, a mysterious duo known only as the Twins managed to use the Font of Power at the top of the temple to open the Gate. Now the Keepers wage war with the Twins, trying to stem the tide of devils that flow forth from that aberration.

Our party offered to do our part to help the Keepers gain control of the situation. We carried the bodies of the fallen eladrin to the Hall of Knowledge, where the main Keeper force was assembled. We spoke with Thurraya, their leader. She was most unimpressed by Wilsmith, whose awkward advances were scandalous to behold.
The Hall of Knowledge seems to be a library, filled with the stuff of gnomish alchemy. We met an eladrin named Amreth, the leader of the group retaking the Hall, and he joined us as we made our way into a sort of atrium. In a disastrous battle, we fought a number of devils. Many of us came close to death.

Session #14
Akademgorodok, the Lost City of Gnomes

“Thank goodness you saved me! I’ve been stuck in those hedges for nearly a day. I wandered in from the north, directly into the city, drawn by the temple and those two giant spires. There’s some right terrible things there, lemme tell ya. I ran from these two men with wings, howling monsters, and enormous windstorms.
“I managed to get through a gap in the wall that lead into a magnificent building. There were large tapestries everywhere, with beautiful pictures on them of gnomes and giants and battles. I didn’t have long to enjoy it before I was caught in the middle of a fight! Arrows were launched past my head, more of those terrible monsters charged at a group of eladrins. I didn’t stick around to sort out why there were eladrin there.
“After I got out of there, a wandered through some old houses. It was thankfully pretty quiet, until some giant ape chased me over the wall and into this forest.
“And that’s how I got here.”


“Do you lads feel a little… off, in this place? Like my mind is… different, thick and dirty. Something is pulling at my mind. No? How can you not feel that?”

-Dran Fozzletop

Session #13
Welcome to Farport

The party completed the trip to farport and began searching for evidence of the lost city. Bong Tao started searching at the library to no avail. Graveltooth asked the fish mongers and found that it was inland through the woods. Kato forged an aliance with the museum/university to run a giant pigeon scrying survey to find the city. Wilsmith pretended to be his eunich slave for the duration of the interaction.
Meanwhile, Graveltooth and Bong Tao headed to a dive bar called the Dead Pigeon to look for old adventurers. They found an aged half orc named Battista who had one eye and was the head of a traveling circus troupe. He agreed to lead the party to the city with their pigeon team.
While traveling to the dead pigeon Bong Tao bumped into an Eladrin who poisoned him but thanks to Kato’s healing powers no ill occured.
The party made their way out of the city through the woods and eventually discovered an ancient city using the pigeons.
The party then set off with the gnomish professor, Dran and several grad students into the city. As they got closer, the woods became gnarled and kinda haunted. The party eventually noticed they were being watched by little green goblinoids who were carving the stones with pictures of them. The pictures of the gnomes in the group had weird faces.
The party then fought and defeated several goblinoid warriors and one magic user.

Day 1 in the Lost City


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