Wilsmith's Transformation

A foul experiment performed on Wilsmith


Power (Daily, Special:::Necrotic). Use after you make a successful attack. That attack deals 2d8 damage to one target of that attack, and you regain the same number of hitpoints. SpecialYou may use this power more than once per day. The consequences of doing so are outlined below.

HEAL DC 19. Success: -1 stage. Success >5: -2 stages. The DC increases by 1 every 3rd lvl (3/6/9). The lowest stage possible in from this method is Stage 1
+1 stage after each extended rest.
Once per day, +1 stage when hit by necrotic energy.
Each use of power beyond the allotted amount, increase progression by 2(/3/4).
Every stage, -1 penalty to all charisma based checks except Intimidate. You become increasingly repulsive.
Every stage, gain cumulative 1 vulnerable Radiant damage

Stage 1: -1 healing surge
Stage 2: -2 healing surges, ’+1 to damage of power
Stage 3: use power 2/day before penalties apply, increase penalty by 1.
Stage 4: -3 healing surges
Stage 5: -4 healing surges, ’+1 to damage of power
Stage 6: use power 3/day before penalties apply, increase penalty by 1
Stage 7: -5 healing surges
Stage 8: -6 healing surges, +1 to damage of power
Stage 9: -7 healing surges
Stage 10: Transformation into undead monster. DEATH


Cuts in Wilsmith’s arm reveal growths as black as the darkest night. These tumors pulse and ooze, and appear to almost drink in the light. They appear to grant the druid the ability to discharge necrotic energy and be healed by it. However, these growths get worse with time and over use, slowly growing over his body.

Common healing practices can be used to help stem the growth, but after a certain point, the damage may be irreversible. If this disease is allowed to progress too far, it will result in death, perhaps something much worse.

Wilsmith's Transformation

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