Ghostweave robes

1. Cloth armor blessed by the Ancestors


This translucent grey robe grants the user the ability to turn into an ephemeral spirit. Legends say that the robe protects truly worthy wearers from the ravages of undead, demons and devils. The greatest heroes can use the robe to pass through solid walls, becoming a nigh unstoppable agent of death.

Cloth Armor
+2 AC

Power (Daily): Minor Action. Become insubstantial until the end of your next turn.

*Insubstantial: take half damage from physical sources.


Blessed by the spirits of the Honoured Ancestors, this robe is woven partially of cloth, and partially of threads from the spirit realms. The robe protects those that honour the dead and protect the balance.

Legends have it that the great crusader Wilhelm crafted this robe to combat the demon and undead hordes of Orcus the Prince of Undead. The Ghost Weave robe protected him from their savage assault, allowing him to hold the Krellhorn Pass for hours before finally succumbing to their assault. As the stories go, the hordes of Orcus stormed into the ruins of the keep, only to find it empty. Empty, that is, until Wilhelm come through the walls themselves to obliterate his foes by surprise

The robe has turned up occasionally over the centuries, often in the hands of thieves and brigands, only occasionally in the hands of heroes. And only in the hand of a true hero will the Ghost Weave robe’s true power be revealed.

Ghostweave robes

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