A Mysterious Holy Symbol

3. A powerful holy symbol, gift from a kobold seer


+2 Holy symbol
Critical: +2d6 damage

Power (Daily): Free action. Choose angel, demon, devil, dragon, elemental, or giant. For the day, when you use your turn undead power, you can target creatures of the chosen type instead of undead.

Power (Daily:::Healing): Free action. Trigger: You reduce an enemy to 0 hp with an attack power using this holy symbol. You or an ally within 5 squares gains regeneration 4 until the end of the encounter.


Holding this artifact, you feel a sense of warmth, an urge to protect the weak and punish evil. A feeling of divine radiance fills you when you use the holy symbol; good work is being done, the good fight is being fought.

A Mysterious Holy Symbol

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