Kato Ticklickler

A gnome cleric, master of many a ritual



Surge Value-12
Surges per Day-8

Fort Save-14

Move Speed-4…time for some boots of Striding and Springing? Mount? Tenser’s floating disc with a permanency ritual? How about these: Battlestrider Greaves?

Armor +2 Chain
Implement +2 Holy Symbol ( a lantern)

Languages Known/Spoken


Kato Ticklicker arrived on the mainland by way of Farport about a year and a half ago. A young priest from a minor religion, Kato proclaimed that he was suffering a crisis of faith and thus needed to go on a pilgrimage to rediscover his raison d’etre. Travelling ever eastwards, he put a considerable distance between himself and the sea. Casual inquiry into his deity met with circular religious logic and half-baked rationalizations. A follower of the Brotherhood of Lanterns, Kato discouraged questions regarding his base of power, asking only that you bring your injuries to be healed and your mind to be calmed by the tranquility of Reverend Kato.

While he moved closer and closer to the centre of the Republic, Kato met Bong Tao. A monk of Half-Orc ancestry, Kato immedietly took to Brother Tao. In the aphorisms and martial prowess of the much larger man, Kato saw a kindred spirit. Another man of faith and discipline would be a boon on this journey of re-evaluation. What Brother Tao lacked in social graces, he more than made up for in his ability to protect the delicate sensibilities of his gnomish partner. And when Kato wasn’t talking his way into or out of a situation, he was ready with a salves, unguents, and a well-timed litany to patch up the ever-prone-to-injury monk.

While moving through the mountains east of Macra, the two holy brothers encountered Graveltooth, a shifter of some renown, Wilsmooth, a mendicant druid, and a third travelling holy man, whose only form of identification seemed to be mutterings to the effect of, “Justice, Equanimity, Balance, and Equalization.”

Kato Ticklickler

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