Bong Tao

A half-orc monk


Magic Ki (+2, lvl 6, PHBIII)
Bloodthread cloth armour ( +1, lvl 5, PHBI)
Gloaming Shroud
Master Wen’s Counterattack Gloves
Lifestealer Club


Bong was abandoned by his parents at the age of one in the harsh mountain wilderness. He survived for a year by ambushing, killing and living in the dens of small game. He was found during the spring, filthy with dried blood and matted animal pelts by monks on a pilgrimage who took him to their monastery to be raised and trained in their ways.

The monks practiced the way of the STONE FIST??? (Can’t remember what kind) and only spoke for a day of each year. Bong grew up strong and quick with a calm sense of focus, he absorbed the teachings of the monks eagerly and has based his entire life around them. Although not very intelligent or personable (he speaks almost entirely in parables and proverbs taught by his assorted masters) he posses an innate wisdom which was fostered by the monks desire to maintain a centered and calm view of the world and it’s people.

At the age of sixteen after passing the monastery’s physical tests of skill with great aplomb he was sent into the world to have his will and karma tested.

After a brief period of solo adventuring he met up with Kato the Gnome on his quest to re-affirm his faith. Deciding it was a good opportunity to aide others and observe a set of morals different from his own Bong joined Kato and they have been adventuring since.

Bong remains naive on many common social norms and interactions, interprets most things literally, and has difficulty dealing with situations not covered by his teachings.

Bong Tao

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