In the Shadow of the Colossus

Session #40

Into the Darkness

Characters: Leobin Moonshadow, Mysterious Halfling Woman, Wilsmith, Bong Tao
Date: Spring 4 – Spring 5

Bong Tao, Leobin Moonshadow, and the Mysterious Halfling Woman hid the bodies of their assailants in the warehouse and…left things in such a way so that if a fire happened to occur, it may seem to have been an accident. Upon taking up residence at an inn (named, I believe, the Silver Spoon?), they received an invitation to the Naval Ball from Lady Elletra Colletora. They accepted the invitation, and after a rest at the inn, set back out toward the docks to investigate the cave where they believe the Displacer Beasts came from.

(to be continued)



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