In the Shadow of the Colossus

Session #32


Characters: Leobin Moonshadow, Mysterious Halfling Woman, Wilsmith, Bong Tao, Graveltooth

Aboard the boat, the company uses the focus; the world shimmers before their eyes and they reappear off the coast of an island. They make their way to shore, ascending into the interstitial ether as they make their way towards the space between worlds. Leobin, in particular, feels an affinity with their proximity to the feywild, albeit tarnished by varen’s influence. The party ascends into the mountainside that rises above them, coming to a cave entrance. They spy a group of legion soldiers, seemingly headed by an elf and with an ogre named Carl in tow. The party strikes quickly, subduing the ogre and defeating the minions. The attack is distracted by a group of plant creatures, shaped the manner of legion soldiers. Under the cover of their arrival,┬áThe elf escapes further into the tunnels. The party pursues further into the mountain, eventually coming to a massive plant creature that seemed to feed off of the cognizant energy of other living creatures. The party engages the creature, fighting plant-formed images of each other as well as the massive creature itself. Despite the hardships, and thanks in part to a large undergrowth fire lit by graveltooth, the plant creature is destroyed. Under its tendrilous corpse, they find a large round tablet that seems to be the key to which the elf earlier had made reference. They are one step closer to veran.



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